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ERP, from the English terminology Enterprise Resource Planning, is a software that can combine the various functions and processes of a business into an integrated system. It is essentially a platform that allows different business management applications to interact and collaborate. The ERP bridge with eshop, i.e. the ERP interface with an online store, contributes to the better management of the inventory and in general the way of managing all the individual functions of your store.

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Benefits of connecting the ERP bridge to your eshop

Increase productivity

With this connection, the automation of complex and demanding procedures during the registration of products is achieved, which saves valuable time, thus giving you the opportunity to deal with other matters of the online business.

Get data in real time

The data is updated in real time providing customers with essential information such as product availability, status and progress of their order, offering an improved customer browsing experience in your eshop.

Improved business control

Get all the necessary information that the administrator needs to have a complete picture of the state of the business, while managing all functions with easy operations from a central control point.

The ideal solution based on your needs and requirements!

Avoiding Errors

By automatically updating product details through the bridge, human intervention in data entry is limited and errors are avoided.

Registering Eshop Orders

Through the bridge, the details of each new order are automatically sent to the eshop and registered in the ERP system, with the aim of better management and processing.

Synchronization of Eshop Categories

ERP product data and categories are synchronized in real time with eshop product categories.

Correct Update

Through the ERP eshop bridge, the order cancellation error due to bad availability information in your online orders about available stock is reduced.

Inventory Synchronization

Through the ERP bridge with eshop, the company’s inventory synchronization is ensured in real time for better information and management.

Reports and Statistics

Store the details of registered customers, with detailed reports and statistics, thus creating a better picture of your customer audience.

Choose the package that suits your business.

Basic Bridge

  • Update Product
  • Update Categories
  • Update Features
  • Update Options
  • Update Orders


Custom Bridge

  • Product Update
  • Update Categories
  • Update Features
  • Update Options
  • Update Orders
  • Composite Products
  • Special Functions