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Get the CareCRM

CareCRM application – offers a direct solution to your Business Organization, enabling you to enter Tasks, Appointments, To-Do Reminders, and Contacts to exploit event history and store a client’s important documents.

Get a complete view of all customer data, all communication you’ve had with them and more!! All in one place with powerful automation and customization capabilities to automate repetitive tasks and tailor workflows to a business’s needs.

Features of CareCRM


The possibility of registering the entire clientele of your business is offered, to monitor various pending matters and even to create certain appointments in time.

Task Manager

Create separate tasks for each project your business undertakes, with capabilities to:

  • Creating job categories
  • Registration of Work Time
  • Registration of Documents per Project


Create a user for each employee with appropriate administrative rights and assign Tasks or entire Projects to a group of employees.

Contact History

The application uses the activity history data to provide you with complete history information of your customers.

Creating Projects

Create separate projects for each Project your business undertakes.

Assignment of Projects

Directly assign the projects you have undertaken to the relevant department of the business, with the possibility of restricting rights per workgroup.

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