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Creating an ERP Bridge with eshop

Interface between eshop and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The e-shop interface bridge improves business performance through automation, data accuracy and synchronization, allowing your business to run more smoothly and efficiently

The ERP interface helps to better manage inventory and generally how all the individual functions of your store are managed.

Supported ESHOP

Development of ERP interface with modern E-shop platforms,
based on customer needs and requirements





Supported ERP

We build eshop with recent technologies and
advanced features, allowing us to connect the
your online store with the market leading ERPs





Bridge Connection Benefits
Eshop with ERP

Synchronization of stock of products is carried out automatically without manual intervention, helping to avoid errors and correct service of orders

Accurate updating of all categories and products from erp to eshop, saving time and avoiding multiple entries

Direct transfer of all data from a new eshop order to erp, by creating a new customer tab or updating data in the existing tab

Reduce errors and make management safer. The overall picture of the business is now visible from one source

Immediate update of pricing policy per customer for B2B sales, from ERP to eshop

Update prices in real time from one system and create bulk discounts on all or some products at the same time

Access to stock and order status information for faster customer service

Increase productivity and automate complex processes, enable continuous development and online presence

Saving customer data, creating analyses, reports and forecasts for the next strategic actions

Synchronization of orders from Skroutz Marketplace (skroutz cart) to ERP via the bridge and update of the order status of the eshop, with automatic sending of the voucher message (shipping code) of the courier to the customer (requires the issuance of a voucher via ERP)

Choose the right package
for your business

London Bridge

  • Product Update
  • Update Orders
  • Updating Quantities

Manhattan Bridge

  • Product Update
  • Update Categories
  • Update Features
  • Update Options
  • Update Orders
  • Composite Products
  • Special Functions

Custom Bridge

  • Personalization Solution to the needs of the business
  • Software/Application/Process Connection
  • Automated Functions
  • Performance optimization

Support Services

Ongoing support and training until the completion of the interface
Custom implementation according to the unique characteristics of each business
Adding advanced features that follow new market trends

Take the opportunity to increase your online sales

We offer integrated interface solutions for your Eshop