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Get e-Waitress Estiasi

Organize your orders and improve your customer service through the easy-to-use e-Waitress Estiasi app.

The Estiasi e-Waitress app can easily improve staff collaboration, better order control and customer service speed.

Features of e-Waitress Estiasi

User Management

Differentiation of users into Administrator and ordinary users, fully manageable

Fund management

You can define positions and shifts of your employees

Table management

Organizing your tables according to their placement in the space and placing an order for each table

Product management

All your products are displayed grouped into categories. For each product added to the order, you can easily enter the quantity, its special characteristics as well as comments

Delivery service

Create phone orders. The application may store customer details for faster service

Service take-away

Products can have different prices for take-away orders

Get e-Waitress Kitchen

e-Waitress Kitchen is a module that contributes to the better management of production – delivery of orders, personnel and customer service time.

It connects directly to the e-Waitress Estiasi application and receives orders immediately after they are entered.

Get your own e-Waitress Kitchen!

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