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The logistis.app application offers direct collaboration between Accountant and Client for timely and faster information of your clients regarding their outstanding balances and debts.

Features of Logistis.app

Registration of Customers

The possibility of creating a user per customer is offered, for the registration of payment receipts and the monitoring of upcoming debts.

Registration and Management of payment orders

Create payment orders and immediately notify your customers of their debts.

Create and manage your own Page

Options to choose your own logo, banner, address on a Google map and description of your services on a specially designed page for a professional representation of your accounting office.

Customer History

The application uses the activity history data to provide you with complete history information of your customers.

Statistical Formulation

It collects payment information and displays it on a specially designed chart for a complete view of a customer’s outstanding balance.

Automated Notification System

For each payment order registered in the application, the customer can choose a notification date.
Capabilities of sending via Email Viber Sms

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