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Prosvasis Cloud ERP - Smart electronic invoicing myDATA

With the smart electronic invoicing application you have the ability to easily and immediately create the new electronic invoices and carry out your shipments via email.
Direct connection to the myDATA platform of A.A.D.E.

Direct connection to the myDATA platform of A.A.D.E.

Connect your business with the Accountant

Automatic information of the accounting office for all the data you choose to know.

Connection to the myDATA platform

Issue documents and at the same time ensure a direct connection with A.A.D.E. and the myDATA (Digital Accounting and Tax Application) platform for sending them immediately.
Use technology to your advantage with Softone’s reliability and warranty.

Two way communication

When the company starts using the application, it receives online all the data of transactions and other accounts from the applications (Extra – Hyper – Academia Financials) that the accountant keeps in his office.

The accounting applications (Extra – Hyper – Academia Financials) of the accounting offices are automatically updated with the documents issued by the company and are only connected to the smart electronic invoicing application.

Cost reduction

Work through a modern Web environment, from any device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) and from any operating system (Windows, i/OS, Android) without configuration costs, without additional hidden charges and with the possibility of monthly or annual subscription for even better control.

Reduce workload

Automate your tasks very easily and lead your business into the new era, ensuring immediate profit, increased productivity and reduced workload.


Be informed about all the operations of the warehouse at any time and wherever you are. Easily open item/service, upload photo and see their movements instantly.

The information that changes the data

Create KPIs tailored to your needs with access to all data from anywhere. You have immediate information on all transactions of your business (Payments, Collections, Customers, Suppliers), its liquidity and progress for any period of time you choose.

Organization & control

List your tasks and appointments. Calendar and CRM tools for complete control of your business, with Online access to all your actions from anywhere.


Leverage the Cloud to your advantage by securing resources for your business. Microsoft Azure gives you the security you need throughout your business.

Mobile app

You can find the Prosvasis GO app on the App store & Google Play. Full Softone app on your Android & iOS devices. All the functions of your business on your smartphone or tablet.

Useful Video

Prosvasis GO: Περιγραφή συνδρομών

Prosvasis GO: Video οδηγός για την εγγραφή


Choose the program that meets your needs



per month with an annual subscription

5€ per month

For Service Providers and Freelancers



per month with an annual subscription

10€ per month

For Wholesale and Retail companies



per month with an annual subscription

12€ per month

For Freelancers providing services



per month with an annual subscription

18€ per month

For Small and Medium Enterprises of Wholesale – Retail sale & Service provision

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