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Organize book loans and reservations, improve collaboration between employees and keep in full control of the reservation – loan – return system that exists in large libraries!

Library management features

Book Management

Database of all library books and customer registrations with a complete history for each of the books borrowed since the day of registration

Reservation System

Book reservation system even when a book is already borrowed

User account for each employee

Each library employee has his own user account and with the rights granted to him by the administrator

Sales Management

The employee with the corresponding rights can register new customers, manage existing ones, as well as borrow and return their books

Smart sorting system

The classification of books is based on the Dewey Decimal Classification System

Statistical data

Provision of statistics for the current year as well as previous years and the possibility of comparison. The recording of the statistics is done diagrammatically as well as in print

Convenience in daily transactions

Facilitating staff with the daily transactions of library patrons

Maximum efficiency and speed in customer service

With state-of-the-art technologies provide maximum performance with optimal speed to immediately serve every user of the application

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